Having a hair routine during cold time is always a challenge when the only thing we want to do is to cover our body as much as we can to protect from cold. However, there is a way to always take care of your hair during that hard times. In this post, discover 3 tips to grow your hair during cold season!

Afro hair

Firts of all hydratation !

Hydration is by far the most important tips to take care of afrohair, especially when it’s cold season and also when it’s really hot. For a better hydration, you can use water and add for example, coconut oils, olive oils or whatever hair oils suits you the most . You can also use a hydration specialised product, but always check if water is the first ingredient.

Then protective styles

Recently, I really experienced the importance of protective styles to grow hair. Styling hair helps to prevent breakage and protective styles like braids or wigs also help retain hydration . So for a better growth, style your hair in protective style whether is with natural hair or not.

Finally, cut!

I know that it can sound a little bit confusing, but in order to make your hair grow better, you sometimes have to cut the ends. It will help to prevent knots. So, always keep attention to your ends and don’t be afraid to take the scissors once in a while ( with bad come good they say :p )

And that’s it.

These are three tips which will help you to enhance your « frobeauty ».

I will be doing a lot of protective style during the next months and see how it works for my hair.

Can’t wait to tell you more …

And you, what kind of protective style are you wearing right now? Tells us more in comments ❤️❤️

Photo source: Misha Vogel from pixels


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