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Hi, my name is …

Let’s say I’m just a girl who learned to take care of herself and accept her inner beauty.

It has been five years since i became natural. And i said natural and not NAPPY because those two are kind of different (we’ll see that in the ‘Be Nappy’ section).

This blog is not going to talk about me (like the  » Me, Myself and I » you know 😅) but most importantly about my journey. I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned since the day i became natural and how I became NAPPY, (Natural and Happy whith what God gave me) :).

In this site, i will share with you all the tips that helped me during my journey. I’ll give you some keys to take care of your hair and how to style it. They will helped you whether you have an afro kinky hair (like me 😍), a curly hair or a smooth hair.

They are three sections. Visit each of them , they will teach you something (in case you didn’t know them yet).

Have you ever wanted to cut you hair because you didn’t know what to do? because they were too dry, too straitght, too frizzy, too curly, to short, too long, too … not what you wanted (i know the list can be long right 😅), then this blog is definitely for you.

Let’s be Nappyyyyy 😊😃

Hummm wait … One more thing please

In a case you haven’t notice yet, i’m bilingual so posts will be in english and french. I couldn’t decide so i think this is who you are and how you think, So let it be ! Ain’t it the aim of this blog anyways?!